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Banned for no reason

So i was playing normally like i always do, doing the new Humbanger quests and battling in the arena, i closed the game and went to do some stuff around my house, then when i tried to play again i was greeted with this message:

I reviewed the guidelines and there’s nothing there that i could have violated, i don’t even use the clan chat and just mind my own, i’m not a cheater either. I don’t understand why this ban was issued but it really hurts my progress in the game, especially in the arena so i ask you politely to lift the ban because i haven’t done anything wrong and it’s unfair.


Hey Mig, could I ask you to tap on the “Contact us” button on your loading screen? Our team would be happy to take a closer look.

Thank you for the response Ned, i have already sent an email through that button.

Please keep us posted on this. We would all like to know why this happened and how Ludia decided to do with real cheaters who pose threats in the game everyday even as we speak.

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Three of our clan family members so far report being banned — also, like @Mig, totally legit players whom we have as a community watched work their way through the ranks and battle arena honestly.

While we truly, sincerely appreciate the effort to go after cheating… Something seems off with the screening.

And in the meantime, the bans have ripple effects throughout the 10* alpha battles of clans who have stripped down to lean membership numbers so that everyone can get a decent number of hits in. With the way the alpha damage changed in the last major update plus the 10* ceiling, it is a delicate thing to manage power player clans, and these mass bans — not helping


I’m sorry to hear that, Dot_Gale. Could you ask your clan members to reach out to our support team so they can take a closer look? Thanks!


This has happened to me too.
I am a long-term legit player and haven’t done anything against the rules.
I have emailed already, but please fix this fast, it’s completely unfair and it’s not nice to be accused of something like that.

I’m losing out on resources, and alpha hits etc. I better get some explanations. NOT happy at all.


It seems like a lot of legit members are getting banned these days. While no one in my clan alliance has been targeted yet (as far as I know at least), I see it’s certainly happening to others. And I have a question for you guys in ludia: why? Why are you so incompetent to prevent bugs and cheating mechanisms, then punish people at random because you can’t differentiate?

And then why are you not up to discussing the matter with the people you unfairly punished, shouldn’t innocents be given the benefit of the doubt? It’s like I see someone rob a bank, report him and go to prison instead.

I’m fairly sure the people who were complaining about the cheaters meant you should deal with said cheaters, not throw everyone in jail. That… wasn’t their intention.

And they shouldn’t have had to report cheaters either; your system should be able to detect stuff in advance.


It’s the same process as for forums bans. Please note we do not communicate about specific bans in public, there was also a post about cheating in general from Marcus here.

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@J.C There is clearly something going wrong with the new Cheating Protocol Update that @Marcus mentioned yesterday. People are receiving bans they shouldn’t be getting in the first place.


The new protocol isn’t being used, this is the old one.

I believe there is something wrong. Ever since the news @Marcus announced, some people here have recieved bans. Yes I’m one of them but something is definitely wrong. As soon as my 1st 24hr one finished. I went to check and start up the application and then I get slammed with a 2nd ban immediately that lasts for 2 days 20 hours. I’ve contacted support but they only replied with a simple message stating I’m cheating, hacking or spoofing (that I never do and still don’t) and doesn’t explain what the actual reason is. I’ve been playing casually since Feb/March 2019 and never had any issues and suddenly this started happening since the protocol announcement. Can I speak to someone about it in private message?


Perhaps that’s the problem; that it’s the old one.

And the support system refuses to take an actual look into the accounts of people unfairly banned, no second thoughts here. These people all received a bot message that makes no sense and just call them cheaters while stating what they’re jailed for, after trying to resolve their unfair ban with support; no real communication is made from ludia’s side and there’s even an unwillingness to check if she got the right person or not.


I feel like every legit player is just walking the green mile waiting for the inevitable ban to kick in.

It’s like owning a crappy car and every time you go to start it you’re praying it actually starts. That’s what Titan Uprising is now. I’m just praying that when I try to log on it actually opens up.