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Banned Requests?

Are there any specific dinos that your alliance has banned members from requesting? Or requests that consistently go unfilled? I know mine has banned Kaprosuchus and Velociraptor. Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 and Dimetrodon usually go empty.

We don’t ban any requests or have any kind of schedule for requests or donations. If you request something like irritator you do so at your own risk and if it goes empty you just have to discard it :woman_shrugging:

Most of our requests get filled, however, and our alliance seem very happy with that system. You request what you want/need and we’ll fill it if we can.


Strange. My alliance once gave me about 150 kapro and somewhere near that for irritator. But people are defiantly a lot less inclined to give you DNA for more useful creatures

I’m leader of my small low level alliance. Mostly players starting the game. I have about 4 who are much higher and more active. We give what the new people request to help them as much as possible. I often have my requests unfilled because of where I am in the game. I don’t ban any DNA. If people have they give and if they don’t then that’s cool too.

As Piere said, our alliance just has an understanding that if people CAN donate, they will. You take the risk to request some of the most rare but there is no hard feelings either way. Now with more hybrids coming a lot of those requests dont get filled but no one cries or complains in our gorgeous alliance.

The day we have a schedule or rules to donating is the day … well it just wont happen


Nothing is banned in our alliance. Kapro, velo and Rex G2 request usually maxed out. Draco, tenon and irri are most sacred DNA atm and don’t fulfilled.

No one should ban any requests but members need to understand that some DNA is going to be a lot less available as others also want it.


We have ban just for the double requests…so we dont see 3-4 irritator requests at the same time
Otherwise we work the same way as most…donate if you can and risk going empty if you request someting very needed.

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Only top contributors in my alliance are allowed to request majunga and on Wednesdays we wear pink. I have a second account I keep at level 11 but they won’t let me add it to our alliance because I never stop talking about it.


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Okay, but I was just battling with my second account which I keep at level 11 and my iguanason swap in stun failed 4 times in a row.


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It does but only those in sand dunes get the link


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We ask members not to request the same DNA someone has an open request for (but that’s voluntary). Everyone understands that you take a risk if you ask for certain DNA. However, If someone asks for something scarce that they need to level or unlock a dino we often give what we need ourselves… but it gets reciprocated and not abused. At the end of the week we may also request “useless” rares to help with the mission.

Personally I don’t believe in request restrictions, but everyone should be considerate.

Nothing is banned with me but requests do get filled extremely fast in our DNA trade chat room if you are willing to trade with people. People have been asking for tenontosaur for the past several weeks but they are willing to give up dracorex and other things so yeah their requests are very successful.

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