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Barbarian weapon

I was winning a fight and wasn’t paying attention to my opponents attack other than it was the barbarian, my opponents attack killed 3 of my characters who were full health and equal in level to the barbarian. Can someone tell me what piece of gear allowed that so I don’t have to search through all the pieces.

The Barbarian legendary skull does 175% damage to a row. If he has a damage buff on and Crits, it’s devastating

This is not uncommon. The barbarian’s Attack Ability can do this when the Owlbear Skull and Claws of the Ancient Owlbear are equipped.

Ok thanks guys. I have just never seen him hit for so big against so many other characters at once that in theory should be relatively close matched

The barb’s lej legs have a huge but rare damage buff plus the barb lej trinket has a single row, 1 range big damage attack. On the rare occasion when you can get both to go off, it’s very good. My best was when I had both the leg proc and the bard’s damage buff on the barb and murdered an entire row of higher level/rank in arena.

It’s still nothing next to the stupid ranger lej bow.

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You don’t need any legendaries to dohuge damage with Barby

Just use the headgear thAt gives fury when he taunts with the yeti hammer (rare)

At level 7 there is a:
25% chance it will just do two single attacks on one target (250% dmg total).

50% chance of doing a single attack on whole row for 200% dmg plus an attack on an individual for 125%.

25% chance of doing two attacks on whole row for 400% damage total. Typically about 3000-4000 damage per person for my level 11 barbarian

I’ve wiped whole rows of full health toons with this countless times (mine are levels 11-12) problem is he’s often dead before he gets to attack :wink:

If you had other gear that adds dmg would be crazy


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What I want to know is which Barbadian weapon (other than the yeti hammer) it is that does an AOE as none other than Hammer seem to list an AOE at lower levels

I know you asked about weapons but one of the skulls, I think it is the legendary, will do a zone attack, i am not sure if that is what you are looking for

Yes that much be it cheers :slight_smile:

I wondered why someone with a spear was able to do a zone attack