Barbarians epic weapon doesn't proc

I think the formula is wrong in the coding. The weapon doesn’t proc 75%! I’ve tested for over 30 min, I would say it procs approximately 15%!!!

That’s not how it works. Each roll has a 75% chance to proc, not 3 out of every 4 rolls will proc.

I didn’t saying anything about 3 out of 4. Maybe my wording was off, I know there is a 75% chance, but what I’m saying is it’s more like 15%

I did notice it nearly never proc

I agree that it is not activating at its described rate. I do not use my Barbarian much but I have only seen in proc twice this week. I only use the Barbarian in PvP battles, but it is still greatly below the described level.

Plenty of other weapons and skills don’t proc at the advertised rate. Either Ludia’s coding is bad or they’re lying about stats.