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Bard, advice

I dont have dominate on the bard, he’s level 9, my weakest by far and since I got uppes my renown, he always gets randomly put into my PVP team. And it feels like 4v3. When he’s in my line up I lose 150% of the time lol.

Any thoughts on what I can equip the bard with to make him somewhat useful. He hits like a toddler, has defense like a toddler and doesnt have dominate… aahhh.

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t Under Estimate Her, She Is Deff In The Heavy Weights LOL, And When You Get Dominate, Lev it Up As Fast As You Can, Lev 3 Has Use Of It For Two Turns.:smiley:

She Is Useful To Me For About 1 Turn, After That Im Not To Worried About Her Getting Destroyed!!! LOL!!!

You have already identified how to fix the problem yourself. You need to try and look for and acquire whatever piece gives you dominate. I just got my bard so I haven’t looked into what piece of equipment that is.

So I was asking how the bard can be used without dominate. The game dominates me and forces me to use a “crippled” toon right now. I know I need that ability, I was hoping to get advice on and if this toon is useful without dominate… heh.

Every other toon is useful as they have other abilities that are worth it. But so far, I cant find what else makes the bard useful :slight_smile:

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She Packs A Mean Punch, If You Upgrade Everything She Has, Well As Far As Your Gold Will Take You!!!

Without domination she is not very useful. The character can heal the group with a certain item so that can help a little bit.


I always thought the bard hit above her weight class. She was the second-to-last character I picked up, but she went into my party lineup regularly pretty fast because she was so versatile. She was running with my L9’s as an L6.

The rare sword that floats was a good early weapon for her. It stuns enemies for 2 turns and hits pretty often which can give you breathing room to swat enemies. I managed to get hers leveled up pretty high and she kept using it until I lucked into her Legendary weapon (which is ridiculously awesome). I skipped her epic weapon because I never got it until after she hit L10 and could equip the Legendary.

The Epic lute gives Dominate. You can pick up epic card packs if you have the gems until you get it, or hit dungeons that have it as a reward. I prefer it over her Legendary lute (which I also lucked into pretty fast).

Her heal effect with her headgear is more effective than the cleric, at the expense of much longer cooldown. But it’s real useful when your tank is in trouble and needs a big boost of health.

All her leg gear is pretty useful (though I don’t have her Legendary yet). I’m using her Rare pants since they leveled past the Epic pants stat-wise, but the Epics are pretty good too.

Calliope is pretty much in my party permanently. She’s a great jack-of-all-trades that can fill in for the cleric in a pinch and can run with the spellcasters if you get a decent weapon. She does suffer from low health and AC, though - I pair her with Tommus and his 4-round Taunt to keep the heat off her. He takes hits (and counterattacks perpetually) while she pelts enemies with her floating sword. Plus I just think she looks cool.


Thank you @edwick for that detailed response above, exactly what I needed. The handicap was me trying to figure out how best to gear her. And you’re right, I’m gonna have to start farming challenges a lot, especially for the dominate piece. Appreciate you.


Before dominate, and even when it’s stil 1st or 2nd level, she’s pretty weak, there’s no getting around it.

After, though, and/or if you get her legendary weapon that is seriously OP from the get-go… You’d feel lucky every time she’s part of your team.

Also, her full party heal is pretty good, even if the cooldown is much higher than Halebent’s.

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Calliope was originally released as a premium character similar to Nayeli.

Her abilities are lackluster to start with but become very powerful once you’ve accumulated the right Epics and Legendaries. This is likely to incentivize whale behavior. This also seems to be the case with Nayeli.

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Thanks to the 2 for 1, got dominate to Level 2. Now she’s useful. It’s pretty crazy that without the latter rarer items a toon is completely useless. Guess it happens.