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Bary Gen 2 or Carno?

Neither seem very desirable, but maybe someone knows something I don’t. Just wondering who we are focusing on if there is a choice. Thanks!

I’m going Carno because mine is a lvl 10 with only 3K DNA, while my Bary2 is lvl 11 (don’t ask me why) with 8K DNA.

Something to think about though: Bary2 is arena exclusive…sooo you have to rely on incs to get DNA for it. Carno is at least out in the wild.

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Barry is an arena exclusive, Carno spawns in the wild. I will be using my attempts on Barry.


@ResearchGirl you going Bary? :persevere::joy:

Both 12’s for some reason. I was looking at all the excess we get and had to giggle lol!

:joy::joy: whhhyyy is he at level 19!??

I’m going Carno all the way - have 16k of Barry G2 but only 9k Carno xx


You never know when itll come in handy :joy::joy:
RM (I think) and I were playing top trumps with who had the most random dinos levled up :joy:


Oh!!!.. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: lol!!!

Yea… that’s… I mean… I’ll get some Barry G2s to donate to you if it takes away some of that pain :joy:

So guess you’ve heard about the Irriator G2 level 19 AND 128k :sob::sob::sob::sob:


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Hahaha we said were both suckers for a OTO.

Yeah I certainly did :joy::joy::joy:

I went for Bary2. You can find Carno running wild in L3 at all hours of the day, but Bary2 is a battle incubator exclusive, and you know how Ludia likes creating “difficult to make” dinosaurs.


One word:

I went for 6 bary gen 2 and 6 carno

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Makes me wish I was still low to mid game when my dinos were in the 16-20 range. When new hybrids are introduced it is a huge challenge to get them to team level in the mid 20’s. I may just go for whatever is in range instead of putting miles on to find one or the other. Will try for Bary and see how it goes though. I appreciate the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: