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Baryonx impossible achievement

There is an achievement called ‘launch a drone 5 times over this creature: BARYONX’ but bary can’t spawn on the map. It is arena exclusive.

It can be in events so it’s not impossible, hope this clarifies it!


Oh yeah. I forgot about events

Bary is this weekend lol.


Oh nice to know thanks

But dont ask me how but i
Already completed the challenge…

You have to throw a dart at it. You don’t have to hit it with the dart.

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It’s in the end of this week’s events

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Puffmommys rite. So whenever it does come back as an event if u dont want to actually dart bary u can launch ur drone and shoot all the darts into the ground. Do this 5 times and ull complete the achievement but it wont count towards ur darting attempts at that wks epic dinos. This also wrks for the stiggy ourano and argent achievements as well.