Baryonyx gen 2 spawn question?

I’ve seen two Baryonyx gen 2 spawn today. Both apparently with common scent. I didn’t know Dino of the week spawned with scents.

Id like to know if anyone has seen it spawn without scent today? And if they’re spawning with rare scent?

I have seen two with no scent but I agree they are very rare to find these “Weekly Dinos”.


Just found a wild baryonyx GEN 2. How?Screenshot_2019-07-16-16-08-47

It’s part of the Hybrid Pursuit, @TroodonYT. :slight_smile:

There is more info from the in-game News tab and on our Facebook/Twitter page.

I saw one spawn in the distance today. Just part of hybrid pursuit.

The hybrid pursuits dinos can spawn from scents its the daily dinos that do not.

Thanks. Really odd I never noticed them spawning from those free scents we get.

Probably not odd I have not seen Baryoynx g2 from not scent. The spawn rate today is abysmal.

Ludia what is the point of spawning this few creatures? Just a daily I have no reason to dart.
Night time shot. They may aswell be doing maintaince.

If i recall the article correctly weekly dinos have a spawn rate similar to other globals of that rarity and globals have a lower chance to spawn then locals.

On top of that dailys have a higher chance to spawn then locals at equal rarities

I’ve caught 22 so far and it’s only day two :blush:

Very jealous. Was happy up until now with 3. :smile:

I haven’t caught 22 dinos in 10 miles of walking today. We need a weather forecast type spawn caster thing. Spawn rate today very low don’t bother trying to play.