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Baryonyx gen 2

I swear to god if I get one more incubator with stugymolx gen 2 and baryonyx gen 2.

Why isn’t the game more spread out…

I’m in arena 7, so why don’t we have a GOOD mixture of all the dinosaurs unlocked along the way rather than ALWAYS getting the same!


Every 3hr incubator I get both of them! I’ve never levelled them up a single time. Absolutely useless especially at arena 7

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Yeah I know what you mean, I got over 8000stygi gen2 dna and somethig like 1500bary gen2 dna
So useless. Like 6out of 7incubators has at least one of them. 3out of 6 have both of them, when you are in marshes (terrible prognosis)
This sucks so much, there needs to be more diversity in the incubators.

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And thats why people drop arenalvls.

Not that it helps. In arena 5 what you get is Irritator instead of Bary Gen 2 and Irritator Gen 2 instead of Stygi Gen 2. Basically all arenas spam arena exclusives and all arena exclusives are just bad (even the Epic is bad!) so every arena is a waste -.-

I’m almost considering stopping filling up incubator slots because what we get is just not worth it. The only good thing about incubators is the coin… And the very occasional 24h one.

Arena 2 gave the best rewards. I’m about to drop there again for more rex DNA since apparently it doesnt pop up any more

What will you swear at god? What’s wrong with me?

What about now? :joy::joy::joy: