how do we get Baryonyx? i battle him almost every match but have never seen one in an arena incubator. i up to level 6 arena.


Not in the game yet. They’re saving them for JWFK.


but i battle against them all the time. gen 2 baryonyx too


They added them for bots but not for players yet. Stiggy is the same.


Baryonyx is awesome.
If she can survive 1 turn after using skill 2 and has higher speed than opponent, her skill 3 can do 2800+ damage if critical.


Baryonyx had her own showcase. So you could have caught the green bary on that day with 3 attempts. I get dna for Gen 2 bary all the time in incubators from battling in the Sorna Marsh.


We have had them on the special event twice in the uk. So not just bots. Never seen any outside the event though.


So many loves in this game for UK dinos! They have the big 3: Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, and Baryonyx!!


It’s been added as a wild spawn. Seen one today.