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Baryonyx 🤢


I left work at 10:35 PM, and just parked outside my house at 11:07.
I had roughly 6500 Bary dna when I departed… when I parked:

I don’t even dart them seriously anymore.
Ludia, please give me something else to dart at night. I’d happily take Koola or Secodonto at this point :weary:


We don’t dare speak its name @Ardens :shushing_face:

It’s like beetlejuice, you even just say “kool” and it will pop up where u least expect it


2 nights ago. You know how there’s that like 1% chance to see any creature anywhere, regardless of local and whatnot?
Yea… that’s my 1% right there :joy:
Still better than Bary

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send all the bary my way. ill accept them with open arms :hugs:


Me too. My Trystonix needs love.


I havent seen a bary in a week :sob::sob::sob:


Lmao. Why are they flocking my way?!
I can’t keep up with Posti ingredients at the rate I see Bary :skull_and_crossbones:


Sorry @Ardens, we dont all share your bary problem. Most would still love to have them. I’m just afraid with the climate here on the forum that you may spark a “nerf bary spawn” thing.


@MagicFingers makes a great point … even joking nerf threads risk being taken seriously.

Keep the Barry coming! Especially with tryox getting its long overdue upgrade, I’m all for more of this epic.

But for the love of god, please no more koola!

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Don’t, might be sent to McDonald’s and be turned to chicken nuggies

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Sorry, wrong thread. I haven’t seen an erlik in so loooong that I forgot what they looked like. My bad.

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Erlik is welcome in this thread. It’d be nice to see some at night alongside Bary :wink:


The downside with bary is that once you reach level 30 with tryostronix there is nothing left to do with its dna. I’m already stockpiling bary dna.

With T-rex on the contrary you can do erli, indoraptor, tryko, indominus and even the T-rex is viable. I’d prefer if they bring back spawns like before where we would get more t-rex per day than bary.


Send them to me or any epics… don’t see many since the update …

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Imo, this just shows again the imbalance in the game. Some are seeing many Baryonyx in short time and are getting much DNA, while for others the spawn rate seems to be the same as before 1.5.

I don‘t see more Barys than before the update. Got like 400 DNA I don‘t use right now, but I‘m seeing perhaps one Bary at night.
Some others are still struggling to get enough Bary DNA.


The only thing that prevented me to level up my tryo was only the postosuchus…but thanks to my team I was able to gather enough to finish him :

Now I’m just going to stockpile DNA and hope for an hybrid at some point. With rexy, even when indoraptor is 30 you have many ways to use it.


I would be completely happy !! The DNA of Baryionix is for me currently the most valuable DNA in the world, in competition with that of TRex and that of Sinoceratops.

If it’s true what you say is that you’ve seen a minimum of 10 epic in a day (if all the epic were Baryonix). That would be a world record for me. Since last Friday I have actively played about 12 hours and the result is an Ouranosauro and a Spinosauros Gen 2, the latter from far away this morning on the bus.


Well I wish I could get Baronyx , and be careful what you wish for .
Koolasuchus sucks :nauseated_face:

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