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Base build efficiency/Dino

I know I have read a few forums about this and many are older/end game players. I am currently level 62 and progressing along. I am trying to design my padlocks where I can maximize coin production. I am not sure the best approach or set up, I have seen some where they use 1-4 really high producing dinos and surround them (I don’t think I have anything for those yet, will post me top guys) or I have seen a layout similar to what I have. I am having issues with the bigger padlocks and not being able to create a smooth set up, there are some gaps where I feel I could be missing out. I will post a piece of the base and dinos, please share your thoughts. If there is a video that talks about this and showcases how to maximize different padlocks with what decor, I would appreciate it. I would also appreciate screen shots of those without the Towers as I am a long ways away from those. I have canned all my buildings, if there are buildings like the observatories with hammonds that are advanatageous, please let me know as well. Thanks much!

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Identify your best producing Dino and run with that one. Getting big bonuses on weak producers has a really poor ROI.

Right now, about 1/2 of my coins come from one dino. It has +300% and generates 1million coins per half hour (3 of 4 of the common hybrids do this, pick one).

If you pick the Alangasurus, he hatches in 47minutes. Using just the first slot, you can get 3 in 15% hybrids Wednesday and 3 more in the 20% off Thursday.

It took awhile, but I have 9 of them at level 40. A 30 minute coin collection is grindy, but it is the only way I can play in the big pond. I don’t have either of the other two 30min common hybrids unlocked (missing common unlocks), but when I do, I’ll try to make those too.

Lastly, in the coins to Dinos custom Trade, I’ve gotten far more “DNA value” back than what I’ve since spent on making my coin producers. And they clean up in common events. With 9, you just blast away with them and don’t worry about cool downs.