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Base Camp Supplies for Half Hour Enlarged Reach


This is a 2.0 idea to enhance game play for those of us who work and play at lunch or go out to a restaurant to eat for an hour.

Base Camp Supplies:

When activated, it changes the pulsating circle to show a base camp with tents and a camp fire and enlarges our reach to 300 meters from the point we activate it. It allows full VIP or FTP drone time on any creatures in reach and full amounts of coins, darts or cash given from any drops in reach for a half hour.

Like scents, these would randomly be obtained from drops and we can only hold 1 or 2 in our inventory unless purchased.

We could tear down camp at any time loosing and remaining time and go back to the normal pulsating circle and range if we are ready to leave before the time is up.


This would be so awesome. Stuck somewhere for 30 minutes? Set up camp.

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I also think we should be able to purchase HQ supply drops that we can manually place on the map. Good idea