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Based off your tournament experiences

Just a general discussion

Im just wondering what you find annoying or easy to go against

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One of the most annoying things in tournaments are an all swap team.


Flocks going both ways, you either have a counter or you don’t


Flocks are my biggest bugbears. I find the constant distraction plus heal to be the worst thing.


Hate flocks and also unique advantage tournaments.


Rhinos are suddenly not my biggest threats anymore. Flocks are…

What about besides flocks?

To me its sloths

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Speed ties.

Well, this lasts weekend was super annoying with sloth vs sloth camo the whole match. So yeah you’re correct there.

The moves or creatures that have something similar to that really annoy me. It’s not fun and the battles drag out. I hate all the cloaks and regen moves. It’s like fighting deer in arena that just keeps getting health back and you don’t have a big chomper to just be done with it.

5% crits too.