Basic etiquette



Life isn’t that difficult!

Learn things. Share the things you know for certain. Don’t spout off about things you don’t know. Be decent.

It’s not that hard.


Agree 1000% with you


-Connect with your Facebook account to not lose your progression!
-Take a picture of your loading screen, could save your life( key client ) and keep it secret!


Also, take a snap every time you get cash.


I don’t have a Facebook, I go to bed every night praying my progress is still there in the morning :rofl:


Ditched Facebook a few years back. Praying Game Center will hold me down. :pray:


You could always create a FB account for the sole purpose of having a place to keep your JWA progress even if you don’t use FB.


I don’t have facebook either, so I never connected to facebook. Then, when I was starting to consider creating an account to do it, I saw several topics in here of people complaining that they lost progress when they connected to facebook. Now I’m too afraid to try :confused:


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Hate Facebook, always have, always will


I refuse to use Facebook, I find it one of the more deplorable aspects of modern life. I did link my game to Google Play when I got a new phone, it hasn’t let me down so far.

Also: Be decent and may the tea be ever in your flavour. Words to live by. :grin:


Why not just create a fake Facebook page and use it for the game