Discovered in 1839 and thought to be a lizard, shown by its meaning of name “King Lizard”. It was potrayed in Sea Monsters as a whale that had no blubber, and made various sounds like modern-day whales.

Tier- Tournament

Class: Surface ( New Animation )

Level 10 : HP - 899
Attack - 239

Level 20 : HP - 1321
Attack - 459

Level 30 : HP - 1758
Attack - 669

HP - 2200
Attack - 875

Not as nasty of a bite as the others, but still a good surface with good health!
What do you guys think ?
Should it swim into the lagoon ?

  • Yes !
  • No…

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Fun fact : basilosaurus is named king lizard because it’s remains were thought to be from giant sea serpents


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It does look like a mosasaur don’t you think ? :thinking:

It’s a bit weak for an aquatic, maybe keep the attack and 3,500 health


We’ve got Edestus and Platecarpus with around that same health @Aether_12

Probably one of the reasons why it got the name king lizard

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Sorry to keep y’all waiting, but the new artistic file will be coming out this week ! :smiley: