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Batman tail added to my JWA Batman stuff

Not aloud to add the pics of them being worn but they go around your waste and with Velcro straps.

Got these a few days ago, thought I’d show them off. Made by:

The purple and indominus tails for my 2 youngest kids, orange one for my nephew and the Batman one for me!(a different Batman pattern than all of my other JWA Batman items but still cool) Lol we all love them.
And the pink stego for the wife to match her pink Rex :heart:

If you have kids that like dinosaurs I recommend these tails!
Day Six Dinosaurs does an amazing Job! The tails are very well made, definitely worth the money! I was a little worried about my daughter having one but the tail is definitely durable/tough enough for her to play with!


Kids? Shoot, I’d wear these for myself! :joy:


Definitely! Haha.