Batterie Life and Mobile Data


First of all i Love the Game an it has Great Potential !
But when i Play my Batterie dies so fast ): als my Mobile Data too Even tough i Downloaded Google Maps …! Pls work on This (:slight_smile:


Can you also indicate how much data you use?


Agree battery life an issue when playing stops continues playing for too long unless you have a external portable battery charger


Nokia 6.1 2018 can play for 4-5 hours; not even using battery saving mode from phone.

Data usage is about 166 mb if you spend minimum of 2h a day. Lets say 300-400 mb a month max. Thats currently what its saying in my settings; both phone and provider app. Hopefully further optimization can increase both! Imo it really isn’t bad atm if you have a decent battery size.


I played around 2 hours a day and I used around 70mb
BTW i don’t understand why the game and map (stops and dinosaurs) have to load everytime again I switch to the map …I can imagine if they would improve this it wouldn’t need so much mb