Battery Life is Terrible


Can you please add a power saver mode? I have an iphone 6 and when I run this app my battery drops from 100% to 50% in 30mins… my battery health is not bad had it recently checked and the battery health is at 90%


Got to be honest here its most likely your phone.
Got the Nokia 6.1 (2018) and i can run the game for up to 4-5 hours without needing to charge.
Now i do agree on power saving mode being an addition to the game later on.


I can play pokemon go and other games that eat the battery for about 4 hours and this one just destroys it. Might be my phone just needs to work harder to run this one. Not sure as to the specs of yours but I am sure a whole lot more ram.


My phone has way better hardware compared to the iphone 6 really, if im right. Its either that and / or android / IOS optimization perhaps. Im guessing probably the last one and perhaps a combination of both… Not sure how it works performance wise on IOS. Probably Have to wait for an optimization patch sooner or later, i guess. :frowning:

I used to run PoGo with a battery pack as well lol, even this one until i bought this phone. Good times…!


My 6s is the same. Thought it was just me or my phone but it isn’t. Just turned the game on this evening with over 70% battery & after 5 mins the 20% battery life warning came up. That’s not normal! Currently have 14% & it’s draining fast if I play the game. Anything else is fine


Same here, I have to charge my phone 3-4 times a day because of it. Love the game but it’s a huge pain in the ass!


I use android. JWA eats far more battery compared to other GPS games I have played (Pokémon Go & Ingress) - even with battery saver mode enabled


Terrible, I last 1h30 at most.


Got two questions here:

  1. How much used and unused memory do you have on your phone?


  1. When you say 4-5 hours, do you mean while actively playing, or just running the app and playing when you have free time or notifications?

Memory is a huge issue for me because of how many apps I need to use for work. Have an okay-ish phone right now but am looking to upgrade.


Also, I have an HTC One M9, and my version of the game has a power saver mode. (You access it by going to Settings). With all of the apps I have, though, I get about as much play time as Jer does. I also do not get the AR/camera option, which frankly sucks.


My JW:A eats less memory on my phone than Pokemon Go did, although I haven’t played Pokemon Go in a very long time, so perhaps it would be different now. Are you playing through Googleplay or the Facebook app?


the problem is it’s an iPhone


@Gaia I use GooglePlay login (do not have a facebook account - it would be too much of a time waster based on how long people I know spend on it!)


Go to settings guys the option is there for about hmm…