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Battle #12: Postimetrodon Vs Gorgosuchus

Hey everyone!

I’ll start right off into the battle:

The postimetrodon Rests By the river, under the moon… Meanwhile… a gorgosuchus Is sniffing for food. If said asleep postimetrodon doesnt get alerted and wake up, Then gorgosuchus has an easy meal. Gorgosuchus Runs, but steps on a tree branch… Postimetrodon heard it and woke up, Making it instantly jump to the nearest tree. Postimetrodon jumps from the tree to the hill than jumps right infront of Gorgosuchus And slashes him. Gorgosuchus uses tail wip, then chomp. Postimetrodon Slashed and bit gorgosuchus, then pinned him down. However, gorgosuchus pushed the postimetrodon Back and this time he pinned the posti. The posti Got up, and then ended The gorgosuchus with a final Brutal slash.


Oh interesting :hear_no_evil: