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Battle #13: Dracoceratops Vs Dracoceratosaurus Vs Utahrinex Vs Paramoloch

Heya! Back with another battle!

Let’s start…

Dracoceratops Roams The Fields, Looking for berries… He soon finds a herd of paramolochs grazing, and a utahrinex Running around. Dracoceratosaurus Has also discovered this area, meaning uh oh…

Paramoloch’s Didnt feel this area was safe, so they ran away. Except the herd leader was left.

Dracoceratops and utahrinex headbutt eachother, stunning both.

Utarinex recovers and quickly Swipes his head, But dracoceratops Immediately Rampaged and ran, damaging utarinex. Utarinex kicked dracoceratops causing it to Fall. Utarinex ends it with one Severe headbutt.


Dracoceratosaurus Pounces on the Paramoloch, Making it swipe its tail at him. Dracoceratosaurus fell of and almost got stunned, But luckily escaped. Dracoceratousaurus swiped his head multiple times, and all landed hit on Paramoloch. Paramoloch recovers from the stun and kicks dracoceratosaurus, doing high damage. Dracoceratosauris comes back with a final severe slash, ending the weak paramoloch.

Now all that’s left is utarinex and Dracoceratosaurus.

Dracoceratosaurus Chomps utarinex and pins him down. Utarinex quickly responds To It by doing a rampage and run, then headbutting and stunning dracoceratosaurus. Utarinex then Swipes his tail at dracoceratops, damaging him even more. The utarinex used his foot to slash Dracoceratops, ending him

What about Compsocaulus vs Dodocevia vs Smilocephalosaurus vs Diorajasaur

And u mean dracoceratosaurus?