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Battle #5: Oviceratops and oviraptor pack Vs T.Rex

The final fight of today! Battle #5!

The Oviraptor And a hybrid of triceratops and Oviraptor (Oviceratops) Have disturbed A sleeping T. rex.
Let’s see who will win? A giant, or a pack of little critters…

The oviraptor Ran away after hearing the Mortem Rex roar, But something else Attracts it… the smell of MORE eggs… the oviraptor Followed the smell, and as a result, it lead it to a t.rex nest, with four other oviraptors, and 5 other Oviceratops. The egg thief’s joined forces, and decided to share the meal… just when rexy came… the little egg-devouring critters ran away with terror, And when they were pinned, they pounced all over the T.rex, Trying to at least make it roar in pain… rexy grabs an oviraptor and yeets it into the canyon, shattering every singe bone it has. Meanwhile, an Oviceratops stabs rexy in the eye… rexy roars in pain, as the oviraptors rip little pieces of meat off rexy’s back… Rexy is heavily raged. Rexy grabs an ovi raptor with its tail and pounds it, (YES POUNDS IT) To its death, and even when it dies, the T. rex continues to pound it until it’s just blood, Guts, And pieces of skin on the ground… Rexy Then throws herself on the ground to crush all the Oviraptors and Oviceratops, and it leaves one… it takes the final one, and grabs it’s throat, and threw it to its own young, who were just born… the young eat it, without knowing it was their parent.

Nice! No hint for the next story this time?

I forgot, but here’s a hint: the Suchomimus Wandered The edges of the lake, When suddenly it says something… hint: (that something Is a thing that is like a circle cut in half horizontally.) Suchomimus Wasn’t expecting this killer to appear…

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