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Battle #7: Death Dodo Vs Smithetoceras

The death Dodo Scattered The desert, Looking for at least a corpse. Soon enough, It’s chicks started To Weaken because of hunger… The death Dodo Finally Decided to run Into the forest to find dinner, And finds a Smithetoeras leading a herd of Megaloceros and other herbivores. The death Dodo Roars, And attacks the megaloceros… the megaloceros didn’t know The death dodo, So they just ran away… But the smithotceras Hunts Klenekens, so the Simthetoceras Calls another cat of its own kind, And Bite the death dodo’s Feet. The death Dodo Collapses on the ground. the smithotaceras Attack the death dodo’s neck, But the death Dodo kicks them back. As soon as the death dodo gets up, It kicks a smithotceras… while the other jumps on its back. The smithetoceras Attacks and rips a wing off the Death dodo, causing it to rage. the death dodo Angrily kicks and stomps on the smithetoceras… But the other Comes In, And Rips off the toes off The death dodo. The death dodo Slashes with its beak and its other feet, Causing it to bleed. It then stabs The one on the ground, ending it. Now… all that’s left Is An enraged Cat… the cat Rams into Death dodo’s Left foot, Than tears off its right wing. Now without any limbs, a foot without toes, And another broken foot… the death dodo Decides to run away, and Try to hunt down some fish. The death dodo Returns to its children, Feeding them… but it sees a nightmare in the fog… the shape of a cat… with long teeth and antlers… The death Dodo is Thinking it’s hallucinating, But then, the cat runs faster towards it… Then, It comes out of the fog, Appearing to Be the old cat from the fight, coming back for revenge… The cat jumps on the death dodo, Tearing it’s throat.

Winner: Smithetoceras.