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Battle #8: Rajakylosaur Vs. Erlidominus

I am so sorry guys i haven’t posted a fight in like a month, but here you go!

Rajakylosaur Marches across the forest, searching for her den.

She spots an erlidominus destroying the wood that She used to cover her Den’s Door, Making her rage.

If rajakylosaur didnt win… Both her and her offspring are doomed.

Rajakylosaur Bites erlidominus and throws him into a tree… erlidominus gets back, Making Rajakylosaur Activate shield. Erlidominus shattered the shield with his claws, giving rajakylosaurus no chance but to Chomp.

Rajakylosaur gets a crit, dealing Heavy damage. But erlidominus only got a few scars because he activated cloak.

Erlidominus slashed at Rajakylosaur, and Rajakylosaur aimlessly Swooped her tail around… soon she Hit the erlidominus’s foot, breaking it and causing blood to appear. Now that blood has appeared, erlidominus ain’t invisible anymore! Rajakylosaur rams into erlidominus And chomps her dealing extremely heavy damage, leaving erlidominus with less then a 100 HP. Rajakylosaur finishes off erlidominus.

Hint: Something… Giant Marches… meanwhile… something… fishy runs after it.

What do you guys think battle #9 will be???
Check the hint to understand.

  • Suchotator
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Nodopatosaurus
  • Tyrannolophosaur
  • Spynonyx

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