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Battle alpha clan


Hello support. Why clan members can not reach alpha before the end of the event. The event lasts 24h

When I finished my 3 keys, I got my reward and the event ended. now, not all players can hit alpha. a 100k alpha is light and so we’ve killed at least 5 alpha

I think we must have the reward at the end of the event in the message so that all players can play the alpha to try to win a reward by going up in the damage ranking.

The event could be:
The alpha must be harder: kind 2 000 000 hp or more during the 24 hours. rewards always based on damage and an extra bonus for participating players if the alpha dies.
with so many pv, we have a challenge

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Hey Kreiky, there was an issue with the Alpha battle, and our team had to turn it off momentarily so they can fix the problem.
Our thread here has some more information: [Maintenance] Titan Uprising | April 17, 2019.