Battle and chances


To me one of the most frustrating things in battle is that you start to battle, think you have a change of winning, losing the battle and come to the conclusion that you in advance had no chance at all.(opponent’s was much stronger(better dino’s, higher levels etc)

To make the battle more equal en much less frustrating it would be great if Ludia would make it possible to see the 4 dino’s your opponent have before starting the batlle.

And that you can have the choice of starting the match or not. If you choose not to battle, because your opponens team is much stronger, you don’t lose the battle.

This would be a way to battle against teams you have a fair change of winning.


This would be widely abused.


Don’t think it can work at all.
Who will want to battle knowing the opponent team is stronger? So everybody quit knowing exactly they cannot win? Then who battle?