Battle and no show dinos


My JWA won’t let me battle it keeps saying that my battle has timed out please try again later and iv had the since the app update
Not only that I hardly get dinosaurs around and only at serten parts of the day/night :sob:


I have the exact same issue!!! Still cannot battle. Have even reinstalled. Ugh.


Where are all of the Dino’s? No new Dino’s in Old Toronto, please help me. I paid for vip and this is not a fun experience.


Got the same problem since last night. Keep getting Battle has timed out wen I haven’t even started


Me too been going on for about 20 hours now


Is anyone still having the timing out issues with battles? I get into an arena, select my dino, it takes a few seconds to appear, the opponent keeps “thinking”, and after several minutes the battle ends in a draw. Any thoughts, advice, would be really appreciated