Battle arena broken


I don’t mind battles with people who are a few levels above me. Example I have 1 level 13 2 level 12 and the rest of my 8 are level 11. There is no reason I’m battling dino’s that are a level 18 and 19. I’m just about done losing 6 just to win 1. Nothing wrong with making it a challenge but with the millions of dollars you have made off this game you can put some effort into a better battle system.


The opponents you get matched up against are based on similar trophy count, not the level of their dinosaurs.

If it was based on dinosaur level, then some people would never have opponents to fight. For example, if you’re high trophy level but then you lose a bunch and get knocked down…to a place where your similar trophy people have dinosaurs not at your level, you’ll never be able to get a match up and you’ll be stuck forever.


Blame the tournament…
So much competition, many of us have chosen to drop down a few levels so we don’t go through what you’re experiencing.
I dropped down two or three arena levels so I can get incubators and not lose ten in a row when I get within sight of the next arena…
I try to keep my dinos on level, but do have a few high level ones just in case the other guy gets the upper hand.

Frustrating, I know.

Bottom line is; Ludia has looked the other way regarding spoofers and cheaters. It’s all about profits. Lots of cheaters because of the tournament…


How do you drop down? I’m at this same place (most of my Dino’s at 11/12, fighting 15-17s) and I’d like to drop back down to the lower arena.


Put your lowest dinos on your team and lose lose lose. It actually takes a while, and I don’t recommend doing it. Every so often this will happen. It’s actually a good sign and means your doing well and being matched up with opponents that aren’t. Yes it’s annoying when you get stuck in that rut, but it also pushes you to work more on your team, which means paying or playing a lot more. Either case it’s what Ludia wants you to be doing.


Yes, it’s not a recommended solution, but you get more DNA, incubators and less frustration than taking two steps forward and six steps back.