Battle Arena Disconnecting again

It happened again.
I was playing a battle when suddenly I got disconnected and sent to the home screen. I loaded back in and it took forever, and when I got back I was met with this:

Not sure why this keeps happening. During the tournament I lost a ton of trophies. I did contact the support team yesterday about this, and they told me that should it happen again to let them know. Not sure if they received the message though. I know they have a lot of requests and that they probably just haven’t gotten to mine yet, but just to make sure I wanted to put this on the forums.


Hey MattPlays, thanks for bringing this to our attention and our support team should get back to you soon once they get a chance to review your ticket again. In the meantime, could you try some of the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps in preventing this issue: Lost a battle I was winning

Thanks, they responded. Unfortunately I will not be compensated for the lost trophies, but at least the tournament is over now.

@Ned it isn’t the end of the world though :grin: