Battle Arena Farming/Settlement

I see sometimes people try their best to either stay in one battle arena since the other ones are supposedly messed up from the bad matchmaking. Albeit, doing this I feel isn’t going to make it any better.

If you’re getting better and newer dinosaurs in the same arena, you’re just going to make more and more battle arenas more uneven. I mean, you know how hard it was to go past the badlands because there were so many high-level legendaries who stayed because they were too tight about dying all the time or they want better incubators? I get those incubator creatures are more preferred at lower levels, which makes me wonder if there could be a way for Ludia to have players choose what arena to stay in yet still have their trophies to gain, but you can’t also say you stay at lower levels to prevent bad matchmaking when it just makes the poor matchmaking spread.

Yes, Ludia should change how matchmaking should work and how it should be based on creature count, player/creature levels (maybe even increase the max player level to 30 for a better variety in arenas), and trophies; not just trophies. But having a mass amount of people suddenly downgrade and make a more unbalanced arena won’t work in the long run (at least in my eyes).

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