Battle Arena Glitch? Or am I stupid?


Perhaps I’m just ignorant, but I was playing against a Einiasuchus and I was using Suchotator. They used the Ferocious Strike damage boost attack, I then used Instant Cripple which is supposed to reduce damage by %90. He then does 782 damage to me…um what? I may not be a genius but I can do simple math, since when can a lvl 18 Einiasuchus do 7820 damage in one hit? It seems that there is either a glitch where the addition damage is not taken into account when being blocked, or that the description needs to be changed on both Suchotator and all other dinos with damage buff moves to say that it goes through damage block.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?


I have stopped trying to figure things out in battles it gives me a headache sometimes :joy::joy:! I play the best I can if I win I am happy! If I lose I figure it this way! The other guy is happy :blush:! Then I move on to the next fight!

Seriously! Trying to calculate this and that will make you crazy! Trust me I used to get crazy angry at the game but now I take it all in at stride!


Yeppers, the battles don’t always go as planned. I figure in a year or so the software will be refined to work correctly but for now I just :roll_eyes: or :thinking:.

Today I started a battle then something happened and I couldn’t play. By the time I restarted the game the battle was over and somehow I won and it gave me a second gold 8 hour incubator in a row. go figure.


Probably happened to the opponent also and your minimum moves were better than theirs :joy::joy:


The way I came to understand the maths behind the battle reflects (or almost) what you saw.

All damage boosting and reducing, expressed in percentage, are based on the base attack of a creature. According to Metahub’s Dinodex, a level 18 Einiasuchus has an attack of 880. Ferocious Strike boosts it by 50%, so by 440. Then, your Instant Cripple reduces Einiasuchus’s attack by 90%, calculated from its base attack: 90% of 880, or 792.

The attack of Einiasuchus is then at that moment: 880 + 440 - 792 = 528.

If its does an attack that does 1.5 times its damage, it is then 528 x 1.5 = 792.

I agree that it’s a little strange or counter-intuitive, but it really seems to work that way…


Thanks, this is exactly what I was wondering. Just irritating that it’s not clear in the game that that’s the way it works. The way Instant Cripple is described in game makes it seem that it blocks 90% of the total damage, not pre-buff damage. Really well explained, I appreciate it. Hopefully this will help me strategize better

I’m hoping that Ludia will either see this as a glitch or clarify that’s how it works in the future.