Battle arena incubator cycle revealed


Thanks to the researchers over at Metahub the Battle incubator cycle has now been determined.

What determines the battle incubator length?

If this holds true, then i should be getting my second 24 hr incubator really soon :thinking:


This is not true to me. I’ve received 2 12h incubators before getting a 24h one


The pattern shows every 25th incubator as: 12h, 8h, 12h, 24h so that fits your experience.


My apologies for misunderstanding but in this what is the difference between the 8 hr that is bold and the green highlighted 8 hr?


I think the bolded ones will always be 8hr incubators but the ones that are green are the ones in the fifth cycles - the ones that will eventually be 12hr or 24hr incubators instead, if I’m making any sense :slight_smile:


I’ve done a few tests. The cycle is accurate.


The more you speed them up, the more good ones you will receive. Great data. :grin:


I just came to one of my “Green 8h” incubators. I was disappointed because I thought that every fifth was a 12h or 24h. I thought it glitched but I guess this confirms it didn’t.


Its no 24 hr incubator, but thisll do :wink: