Battle arena is messed up!


I just had a very messed up battle in the arena! After 3 wins the battle continued instead of ending as it should have and I had to win a 4th battle in order to win. I would not continue to play had I lost that 4th battle!


Its a bugged bot you were fighting


What’s a bugged bot?


Hey FallenAngel69, I’m sorry that happened. I have already notified our team of a similar issue like yours from this thread here: Bug with hit and run / counter attack
They should be looking into it soon. However, if you have any other information, reach out to our team here at with your support key and any screenshots you might have to assist them in the investigation.


Yeah things like that do happen. I think it is network related with the connection between you and the opponent.


I took a screenshot of my “opponents” name


I should at least get extra credit for the extra battle??


Did you kill the final winning dino with a counter attack by any chance?


I’m not sure if I used counter attack or not. It’s never happened to me before though