Battle Arena is so much fun! OB Thors

Ok. So, after losing 5 straight battles, I enter the next one and face this.


I turn off my phone and go wash the dishes. I finish the dishes and wonder: is the battle over yet? I turn on my phone and it’s frozen on the above screen (that’s when I did the screenshot, actually).

I’ve been having tons of fun on the arena.

I really wonder how much fun those owners of OB Thors are having. Look, it’s a really fun mobile game! I’ll do a battle to show you. (Enters Arena. Thor is faster than the opponents Indo G2, ProceRat, Erlidom etc. win battle without a scratch). Lets do another one. Ops, Thor didn’t get picked… (gets destroyed).

You know, that’s why I’ve never spent a single dime on this game. I wonder why on earth some people do. Are you guys really sure there’s nothing better for you to spend your money?

As for me, I’m seriously thinking about quitting. Ludia won’t care, of course. As I said above, I have never spent a single penny. But what if enough people quit? Arena would be just those 100 guys or so, competing just to see which Thor is more boosted… Loads of fun.


I’m up towards 6000 trophies, I usually only encounter Thors with more than 129 speed every 6-8 games, sometimes less often. I do see super boosted Ardents, Indo2s, and erlidoms which i find more difficult to deal with. Although very good, Thor still has a lot of counters, both Indos can dodge, if you have something faster that can distract it can stop its damage, ardent can slow, tuoro can slow and resist stun, so there’s options.

Unfortunately, boosts aren’t going away. Also, it’s a mobile game and there will always be whales. I personally haven’t spent money on the game since a month of VIP over the holidays. Work towards speed boosts, get your Indo2 or magna, or whatever speedsters above 143 speed and you won’t find Thor so annoying.

There are beyond belief so many tools to deal with speed Thors.

If you’re struggling with them that badly then the fault lies on yourself.

Other than dodge and decelerating, what are the other ways? I do have some counters, but if the wrong creatures get picked (and that seems to be the case more than randomly) or if Thor comes in later in the battle…

Other than Maxima and Gemini, I don’t see any other that can deal with a FASTER Thor.

If not speed OB, than a Thor is as good an opponent for me as a low level Velociraptor or Triceratops…

I usually use Erlidominus against thor. Has worked for me. But you need a faster Erli and with enough health to survive at least 2 hits from Thor while cloaked.

Ryan, yes, I actually don’t see OB Thors that often. It’s just annoying that they seem to come in waves. I know there are many creatures that, if OB, can be much tougher. I actually think Thor stinks, that’s why it’s so annoying to lose to several of them in a row.

My level 28 IndoR2 and Maxima can deal with most stuff. But the game seems to sometimes just “decide” I must lose 10 battles in a row, so it only picks my other dinos and brings me such Thors, and they keep passing through my dodges and critting…

I kinda refuse OBing my creatures… But it gets really annoying sometimes…

Whistler, you said it all. I’m talking about faster Thor than ANY of my creatures. So it’s just Ludia trying to force us into buying boosts.

My level 28 Erlidom is zero use against the above creature. Especially given that, when the game decides I must go on a losing streak, it will most certainly get past my cloak.

My go to response would be to show the company what you think of the boost arms race by not spending (never reward bad behaviour as it makes them keep doing it, just like children) but as you said you dont spend anyway so that advice wont help.

Unfortunately they have no wishes to balance the arena since, well, their the ones who unbalanced it to begin with lol, plus sadly unbalanced fights actually play into spending, as a player getting thrashed by the unfair matchmaking (which released the day boosts were added, funny that) are more like to be pressured to spend, thinling their teams too weak (MM algorithm makes sure of this).

Unfortunately other than obtaining tons of counters is the only advice I can offer, but that doesn’t always work as most times the problem dinosaurs have had such obscene amounts of boosts spent on them that the counter isnt even a counter anymore.

And free boosts will never be enough since daily sales means the spenders will always be ahead, so not really much we can do about it, since this is the game Ludia have set their sights on.

I think the company knew the damage boosts would cause, thats why they started ignoring everyone after they launched with 1.7.


Yah, I had to put lots of boosts into Erli to make sure no thor would be faster than me.

whispers distraction

That’s the way I think. Never reward bad behavior. It’s too bad for us that there are enough people who don’t think like that.

The cost for each boost is obscene. Yet, there’s enough people who have probably spent a car just to get their Thor to such levels and make the arena such fun.

And my main question wasn’t responded yet: what kind of fun do THEY, those OB Thor owners, have? It’s like you’re gonna play a soccer match, a friendly worth nothing (I would understand if it was the World Cup final), and you go and “give sleeping medicine“ (I hope this one isn’t considered offensive) the entire opponent team. What fun is it to win if you have a huge head start?

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Ive never understood it myself either, like killing someones team in 3 moves sweeping them (I e done it once or twice in the eaely days) is neither skill nor rewarding. Not to mention buying so much boosts only further hurts the arena, so ita literally paying to wreck the very game you enjoy =/


Gotcha, unfortunately, you gotta at the very least speed boost to remain competitive above 5000 trophies. Don’t need to spend money necessarily, but hard cash on some speed boosts every so often helps a lot

Learning to counter is a LEGITIMATE option. You may think it is “stupid” but then you would be wrong.

In this day of boosts, you need to be able to counter properly.

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Screenshot_20200224-214133_JW Alive Best boosted Thor counter!


Very nice indom. It’s going to be causing some havoc in this weeks tourney lol.

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How do you know what the next tourney will be?

Its here in this link, your indom can go in it with its boosts and levels lol.

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I mean who need boost when you have a dilorach

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