Battle Arena is so much fun! OB Thors

Screenshot_20200225-214338_JW Alive

used to be my go to for dealing with thor’s, indo gen1 and spyx. had to bench her sadly due to amount of immune or partially immune creatures in the meta now. :disappointed_relieved:

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I just fought this level 30 beast :flushed::sob: managed to beat it but it dented my whole team.


They may have spent more than a dime on a game they enjoy.
And it shows.
The trick to progression is to keep pushing.
After my 6th straight loss I hit the battle button.
I’ve never lost more than 11 straight.
It’s not worth getting emotional over.

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You see, an unboosted dilorach gets one shoted by a faster Thor.


Hehehe, thats a joke, right?

My team and my current high score. I’m mid Library for months now.


My Spyx wants to battle it.

Why are your speedsters so slow? This kind of clown will never be anywhere but Aviary or Library because they knee capped their MVP to be fast but soft. My Magna can beat both the OP’s problem Thora and this pathetic Tryko and its not even properly balanced.

Pretty sure Thylo_75 doesn’t use boosts whatsoever, pretty admirable, totally agree with you about that Tryko and Thor. What a waste of boosts.

An unboosted speedster gets 1 shotted by an Ardent or Gemini with some damage boosts while making a small scratch on them.

Remember these folks made their Chompers pathetic. Fast is fine if you dun end up meeting someone with a faster distracter like Magna, IndoR G2 and even ErlikoS. Erlidom needs RNG to beat it.

I am more scared of 7k health and 2.8k damage Thoras. Those could survive facing my Magna and ErlikoS to kill them.

Ardentistmaxima and Gemini with some health boosts can end Thoras. Anything with Decel Impact or Thagomizer works.

I feel such players are what Ludia thinks the average player is. Short term and lacks long term planning. This kind of boosting works if it was Boosts 1.0 where everything can have maxxed stats. Once you sacrifice health and damage for speed, you are asking for trouble against similarly boosted speedsters meaning 30 boosts v 30 boosts.

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These 2 pics show what a fully boosted max speed Thora looks like. It is open to being 2 shot by a Magna or IndoR G2 with some damage inflicted. Barely hurts a ErlikoS. All 3 only need 11 speed boosts to be faster than this Thora and still have 19 boosts to allocate into health and damage.

Outta curiosity how many of those 7k hp Thors have you faced in comparison to these baby Thors?

Only 1 to 2 players have a maxxed health Thora. 7k health Thora maybe 10 per day. Usually with insane health and no speed boosts. 2.8k damage.

My own Thora is 7k health, 2.5k damage and 119 speed. Pretty decent but might be oversped.

Interesting, highest hp i regularly see on a thor is about 6k, with the speed in the high 20s- early 30’s glad I’m not around your area in the arena then.

People forget Thora isnt meant to be fast but meant to hit hard and take some damage. Imagine having a 149 speed Thora and losing to my Thora just because my Thora can tank a DSI and IC while his cannot.


It’s kinda sad seeing a thor like that “oh your Thor is 149 speed? Here’s a decelerating/distracting impact, best of luck surviving the next attack”

Congrats man, that’s impressive. Maybe I should rephrase that to say “competitive above 5500”. When I drop at the beginning of the season (usually down to around 5500) I consistently see teams with multiple dinos above 140 speed (some with multiple above 150).

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I don’t find fast thors much of a problem. I have nothing over 133 speed atm, but a quick bleed from thyla if i have her, or getting them to use thier rampage on a near dead dino can usually net me a win against them. damage and health thors are even less of a problem if i use the same strategy. I will still loose when it’s 2-2 and they bring out a large thor. Usually nothing i can do at that point.

The only time Thor is a problem for me is if both my Utasino and my Carnotarkus aren’t picked.

If Utasino is picked, it’s almost always Distracting Impact and Instant Charge. On a rare occasion, that might not be enough.

If Carnotarkus, it’s Precise Rampage followed by Instant Distraction. Usually, this is enough to severely wound the Thor or even take it out completely (note that Tark is heavily boosted in the HP department).

Otherwise, I’ve usually lost. I know people are recommending Indoraptor, but it’s incredibly rare for me to actually dodge all 3 times, which is required for super boosted ones.