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Battle Arena matchups/trophy gains or losses


Lost 36 trophies to @Ardens even though he outlevels me accross the board, still managed to climb till where I defo should not be given my low levels and will probably lose 45+ trophies to the next lower ranked guy who beats me with higher levelled dinos. Fix it @Ludia, instead of flubbing around changing Rinex moves etc.

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I’m not a big fan of the trophy system. I like the idea because you should get more for beating a higher level team, but just because they are lower trophies it doesn’t mean their team “worse”. Especially with the bottleneck of high lockwood/ low aviary. I just lost 30 troops to someone who had dinos at least 3 levels above mine. I just hope they implement something like this soon:

The team strength will be especially helpful I think.


I agree 100%. I recently got beat by a team with several uniques and another dino four levels ahead of mine, and I lost 45 trophies. I only have one unique and two dinos at level 20.


hopefully Ludia does something to make all this better…


I think until they implement a better system you shouldn’t lose more than 30 trophies at a time


Sorry :sweat_smile:
Tournament just started for me last night lol

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No matter what it should always be consistent win get 30 lose lose 25! That way in a win one lose one constant situation you can move forward! Due to RNG I could lose to someone with dinosaurs 5 level lower or win against someone higher so if they want to base win and lose trophy amount on level kill RNG

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Im telling you, giving team strength too much weight will break matchmaking.

So long as it takes extremes into account only im fine.

Otherwise, you are literally asking for what amounts to many many different arenas. We don’t have the playerbase size to support that.

But a thought comes to me, and maybe this is what youre saying - trophy gain/loss (NOT MM) gives team strength some weight - not just trophy levels.

Id be ok with that.


Yeah haha im only referring to gains/losses. Tbh matchmaking is fine, its nice to test youtself vs overlevelled opponents tbh, but being penalised with a -45 is just…


I hear ya bro. You got my support!!


I think at least a win/loss percentage would help

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Agreed 100%!!!


If be scared to see my W/L ratio😂 Better yet, how many times I’ve won with Steggod


Same here. I’m in a good streak right now so I’m scared to go back in the arena haha.


Last night I gained 8 trophies from a battle, and then 5 on the next match. But one loss will usually cost me 40+


I beat ya twice the other night :sweat_smile: @TheMaxx


They should revamp the whole trophy system. If you win you get 1 trophy and a loss is -1 trophy. Or it could be by Dino count. Go 3-1 winner gets 3 loser gets -2.


nah bro haven’t played ya i know your IGN🤣

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I hovering around 4600. I only just got my second unique, yet I faced someone fielding 8 uniques. Ok, I can accept that, but I stood no chance. Then, my very next 2 matches I fought the same guy back to back. Next 2 matches after that same opponent. I think those are all strange considering how many people are at 4600. Something ain’t right.

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I can feel your frustration… I am hovering in the 4.8k range and have only unlocked one unique, Indoraptor… I don’t see myself unlocking a second anytime in the near future…

P.S. Love the Sand Dunes logo!