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Battle Arena Needs to be fixed!

I have a suggestion on how to fix the arena and make it funny again… This thread is to modify my idea and also I’d like to see some of your ideas and wait for that to be fixed :slight_smile:

New Concept for Dealing with Arena Droppers:-
Players above Sorna Marshes should not be allowed to drop further more than two arena. By saying allowed… I don’t mean that players has to be restricted from dropping any further. Instead, after dropping two arenas, they’ll be facing only battle bots not actuall real-time players.

Let’s take an Example:-
If a player has a high score of 4.5kish that is he belongs to Aviary so he can play with players of Lock wood estate and Jurassic Ruins and after further dropping down Ruins… They start to face only battle bots (I am still thinking over the power level of the creatures used by the bots, feel free to give your thoughts after reading this).
**Use:- **
(1) Encourages New players by not getting them stunned by arena droppers.
(2) Prevents JWA from loosing players due to hardness protrayed by arena droppers.

After Trophy Reset:- Let’s assume a player belonging to Aviary as per their high score and they had dropped to Sorna Marshes fighting with the bots… Despite of being in Sorna Marshes they’ll be auto promoted by +1000 trophies and get to a start…

Feel free to think over it and give your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face: . This is just a base idea you can give any buffs or boosts you want to :wink:

This article is not intended/directed, but just a piece of advice to The Developers to protect their precious players :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!


I totally agree they should add some sort of barrier to prevent droppers but in my version
Instead of facing the games ai they won’t drop any arena below that like for example if a playwr gets promoted to lockwood estate they will only be able to drop 2 arenas below that

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