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Battle Arena Overhaul and Arena Additions


Will try to keep short as possible, ha ha.

1 - Tournament Arena (For competition and big rewards)
2 - General Arena (For incubators and daily missions)
3 - Bot Arena (For playing against bots and coin reward)
4 - Common only (For Rare DNA rewards)
5 - Rare only (For Epic DNA rewards)
6 - Epic only (For Legendary DNA rewards)
7 - Legendary only (For Unique DNA rewards)
8 - Unique only (For “DNA of Choice” rewards)


1 - The tournament arena is a playoff system via win 3 out of 5 to move up. There will be 5 ranks to 1st place. You select your 12 top dino’s and those are the only ones you can play throughout the entire tournament. Once dinos are chosen and you entered the tournament your dinos are locked. You select 8 as usual for battle but can interchange out to any of the other 4 between battles. The higher level your team the higher the winning pay off (higher rarity DNA, more coin, more cash). You will be pitted against others your team level. This is to make it so ANYONE, ANY LEVEL has a chance to win tournaments. Tournament wins will display in player profiles and also which arena level you won.

2 - The general arena. You can play any level team you can create. Your lowest team dino cannot be more than 20% lower than your highest dino. You will be pitted against others your team level. Your team set up will be saved for this arena. Incubator rewards will be based on team level you won with.

3 - Bot Arena. Play your best dino’s. Bot teams made of 4 random dino’s will slowly increase in level as you win. If you lose the next team will be on level less. The higher teams you win the more coins you get. (coin limit winnings apply obviously) Arena background base on bot team level. Take down’s will not go toward daily missions.

4-8 Rarity Arena’s. You can play any level team you can create in the specific rarity. Your lowest team dino cannot be more than 20% lower than your highest dino. If you cannot fill 8 slots you cannot play in that particular arena. Each arena will save your line up for next time. You will be pitted against those of your team level. For common up to legendary, winning a battle gets you a choice of ANY next up rarity dino. If you lose, for every opponent dino you take down you get random DNA of the rarity of that arena. Arena background is based on your team level. Winnings amount by rarity - 100 common, 50 rare, 25 epic, 12 legendary, 6 Unique. Daily DNA limits apply per arena to prevent abuse. Take down rewards per arena rarity played - 16 common, 8 rare, 4 epic, 2 legendary, 1 unique. Take down limit rewards apply also to prevent abuse. (If you play a team of legendary’s and you loose but take out 2 opponent dino’s, you will get 2 random legendary DNA for each take down unless you reached your take down reward limit.)

Example teams of all but unique’s as I don’t have enough.

The point of rarity specific arenas is for those who want to work for specific DNA. Example is if you specifically want T-rex DNA. You play a team of rares. When ever you win, you can pick what specific epic DNA you would like rather than it being random.

Playing legendary’s help you work toward unique’s. Playing lower rarity arena’s helps with components of higher rarities. It helps with DNA from dinos in zones you don’t live or work in.

This system will make it so we can play ALL our dino’s AND, AND still give everyone incentive to grow and create new and higher dino’s. It will keep everyone from feeling stuck playing the same dino’s against the same dino’s all the time, bringing variety into the arena and lessen the affects of cheaters, arena dropping and that stomping all over lower teams with high level dino’s.


I don’t think Ludia will ever make tournaments optional because no one would ever play. Then the top 500 would complain that match making takes too long. Already happened. Hence why the arena trophy requirement was dropped and we are in this current situation. I really like your idea though.

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It’s a great idea but as Rathelon says, I don’t think they’ll ever do it.


A lot of my ideas are too much for a 1.x.x.x change and may be more for a 2.x major change.

I understand about not enough players with enough unique’s to have a viable unique specific arena and would be stuck playing in a general arena. It takes a long time to get unique’s and most don’t stay interested in this game long enough to get to legendary’s. But I think that people with enough legendary’s will definitely be playing the legendary arena to get unique’s in turn getting them a little quicker along with lesser arenas for their components.


If these ideas rotated and had a few tweaks instead of being concurrent it might be a viable move. Thanks for the work put into this post btw


Not enough players for all those arenas but they could easily rotate different types of tournaments. Particularly the restrictions on unique etc. Make people build multiple teams for different formats and keep it from getting stale.


I think I know what you mean by rotating. Monday through Friday have a different rarity arena available if not enough people to have them all go at once and maybe two or three different ones available on Saturday and Sunday. Common, Rare & Unique on Saturday and then Epic Legendary and Battle Bots on Sunday. Something like this. Doing this they could up the DNA limits if you can only play each two times a week.

Reality… Even if I could, would not be playing all these arenas every day maxing out what ever I could get. I know there are people out there that would.


I like the idea of battling high-level bots and having multiple rarity-specific arenas :+1:t4:

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Too many queque


12 Dino fighting team.
I’m gonna spam this everywhere I can.
I’m sick of playing the same dinos with the same strategy. (Yes I know coins would be an issue).


You would be able to play a tournament with mid level dino’s if you want. If per chance you win with those, you would get what ever the 1st place mid level rewards.

What I would imagine is a 1st place epic level team would get some legendary DNA rewards for 1st place. Legendary level teams would get some Unique DNA for 1st place. Unique level teams would get twice as much unique DNA for 1st place than a legendary team… more coins and more cash.

This is what would encourage everyone to play their highest and best to gain more DNA and coins for better dino’s. But nothing would stop anyone with level 20 dino’s from putting together a level 10 team and competing in a tournament with them against other lower players lower teams. They could win 1st place and get a lot of epic DNA and may want to if the reward is 500 T-rex and some good rare DNA they may want as components for legendary and unique’s.

Broken trophy system