Battle arena problems


Is anyone else having problems in the arena? Since the latest patch I have been booted out of the level 6 arena to level 4 and have managed to get back to level 5. I am seeing lower level dinos suddenly able to kick my hybrids but with impunity. I also ran in to someone with lvl 20 dinos on lvl 4. What is going on? I shouldn’t lose 15 battles in a row with level 15 epic hybrids. If I get frustrated enough I will have to give up on this game.


It’s partly RNG, partly because you’re running into people from higher levels “dropping” into lower arenas trying to score level-specific epic DNA.

It’s just that a lot of them don’t think to modify their teams to drop arenas. As far as RNG is concerned, it runs in streaks. You get a lucky streak, where you win, say 5 battles in a row, and then the goddess of luck abandons you, and you start losing. It’s not just you, this happens to us all.