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Battle Arena still VERY broken

I’m not talking about OP dinos, or bad RNG, or anything. My battles just keep freezing or breaking. I have perfectly stable 120mbps WiFi, but I keep losing. And losing. And then, losing. Because battles crash. I don’t get my attack options, dinos start to play by themselves, this time I even had an opponent Dino I had ALREADY KILLED and yet it (Tuoramoloch) came back from the dead, with 0 health, to finish my Orion. What the heck? I’m top 100 in the current tournament but could be much better. Fix this, Ludia! I’ve got enough of losing because I simply can’t play!


I have a vid of that. A walking dead Dino coming back to kill me. I just don’t know how to upload it, probably need to GIF it.

Same thing happened to me both with arena and tournament. Had encounters with zombie dinosaurs and I have also had instances where my dinos went AFK. On top of that I have had the time freeze up on me, no attack options appearing, and the arena autokilling full health dinosaurs. Let’s not forget fighting the ghosts of dinosaurs. The arena is truly broken and yet they force us to play it for alliance missions as well as daily missions. They should just lock up the arena, fix the bugs, and then reopen it again.

Hey cedpo, I’m sorry that you’re having these issues during your battles. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and device information?