Battle arena suggestion


I would like to see more variety in the battle teams. How about keeping the 8 Dino’s for battles on tier 1 and 2 then increase it to 12 for tier 3 and 4 and after that have 16 Dino’s on your team with the computer still picking 4 to fight. There would be more variety to keep it interesting and less chance of getting Velociraptor on the team to try to satisfy the people that think it’s overpowered.


Omg no! I keep saying no when people ask to have only 4 dinos because I like the variety too. But you have to make sure you keep leveled up all members of your team, and having more than 8 leveled up would be crazy both in matters of getting the coin for it and in acquiring the DNA. Too frustrating just in exchange of a little more variety.


Considering the coin costs to upkeep 8 dinosaurs, you’re asking for a riot to go up from there. :wink: Also, with 8 you can arrange some fairly consistent synergy. With 12+, you’re going on individual dino abilities only, because there’s no way you can plan for multi-dino attacks at that point.


Riot! Riot! Riot!! :boom::boom: