Battle arena Team


I would like if anyone has any ideas about my battle arena team and to improve it? I am currently on level 5 Badlands and on the very edge of Lockdown. These are all the dinosaurs I have.Screenshot_20180723-132311_JW%20Alive|243x500](upload://nO6kimcv6aIblnthzaF72paB5ML.jpg)

level 6 lockdown.


A good team would be Nodopatosaurus, a raptor of some kind (best to be veloci), Allosaurus, Stygimoloch, T Rex, Secodontosaurus, Majundasuchus and Einiasuchus.

Reasons: Nodopatosaurus and Stygimoloch can counter raptors,
A raptor destroys everything,
Allosaurus is a beast and can also counter raptors,
Majundasuchus and Einiasuchus have insane moves,
T Rex is self explanatory
And Secodontosaurus is a decent dinosaur.

Good luck!


Your team image isn’t showing.
I used something like Velocirapror Elkins-gen2 Utahraptor Einiasuchus Majungasaurs Stego Anky Trex Argentinosaurs Triceratops around that Arena

This is now what I have as battle team in arena 7