Battle arena - Team


Hi Community! Looking for some help… in battle arena I want to pick my team, however it seems my team consists of 8 yet arena “decides” 4 Dino’s to use from my 8. What am I missing?

I want to use 4 specific Dino’s for my team, simple. I’ve tried aligning them across the top, bottom and the results are always varied. I have some Dinos at 1400 HP and some at 800 HP, obviously I don’t want my 800 in the arena as they are babies.

I continually get matched with players who have better teams, therefore strategy and fun goes out the window. Maybe arenas should give the same Dinos to each player with all the same rankings. This would would make for pure strategy gameplay with random chance being crit.

I’m only a week into playing. Any help would be welcome. I’m truly hoping I’m missing something. My 4 kids tried the game after I told them about it. They really want to be able to battle each other with choosen Dino’s…


Before each battle, the game pick 4 out of your 8 dinos randomly for you to battle with. There is no way for you to pick your 4 favorite ones.
Friendly battles are not implemented in this game (yet).


Once you go up a few levels this won’t be an issue at all. Then the issue will be, “Why can’t I have more dinosaurs in my team?” Hahah.

Imagine it more like a small deck. When you play, you don’t know what cards you will draw, but you build the deck so that you can strategize with whatever you do draw.


how do i change my dino’s battle order i have 6 dino but only the top row goes to battle?


Thank you all! I went ahead and dumped some cash into my team and yes it did help. I get the “card drawing” analogy, there is a lot of chance being put into battles and I hope they minimize it. It should be skill based, 100%.

That said after spending money to get epic DNA I have only lost a single battle [won 10+]. The match I lost however I was up 2 to null and my opponent then got every chance activated in a row… non-stop stuns, crit, everything. I couldn’t fight back.

Jurassic Park is a 1990s movies, back then we had games of pure skill (pac-man, Mario, pinball, almost everything actually). We are so automated now and use calculations for everything. In my opinion this is very lame. I have no beef with losing, as long as I can say I lost… currently in battles I’m destroying teams using my tarbo and nodo and stego. Most often I only need my nodo. I fell bad winning, the other team did not stand a chance. My team is not that good.

Just my opinion here, I would start assembling an area of the game where skill (like getting DNA) mattered in battling. 4 random Dino’s from the start causes a guessing game from the very beginning. I want this to be a big game, I love the idea. I hope the community does not mark this as a P2W game…