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Battle arena under question


I’m in a bit of a funk, getting very discouraged by the battle aspect. Getting pretty ridiculous when a level 12 dinosaur can inflict more damage then the same exact creature that is level 15, an stun for 4 to 6 times in a row. Maybe I’m just frustrated, but this has been a key aspect of the game that lured me into trying it. An what’s the current status on the cheater protocols? Rather fascinating to watch a level 8 player with dinosaurs that are ranked at almost 20, wipe the combat scene. Also on numerous occasions I’ve caught multiple attacks played in a row, when they have a 2 round cooldown. My favorite, is when you enter battle, wait for an opponent, clock runs out, game locks up, reboot, go back in and discover your in battle, with barely any life left. Sorry for the rant, just frustrated with the mechanics.