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Battle arene glitch or bug

can’t enter the battle arena, i was trying all troubleshoot method still cant fix this problem. Connection is fine, only problem at battle arena. Please fix it as soon posible

Hey Satiya_Anggara, it seems like there may be some issues with the connection. If you’re still having this issue, our FAQ here has some troubleshooting that might help:

This is not crashing or closed, its only when get battle in arena can’t enter battle and request timeout.

This usually happens to me when I have a connection issue or my phone switches from 3g to 4. Also between WiFi and cellular. I dk what’s changed since the last update but it seems to happen more. Maybe so you don’t enter battle and are not able to connect. I’ve definitely had less “ghost” battles since this change. It could also be your opponents connection as well. Which I’ve noticed too from battling others within our alliance

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Hey Satiya_Anggara, the troubleshooting steps should work for connection issues as well.