Battle broken/cheating


Battling in a fight and 9/10 the other player isn’t even playing and you have to wait for the timer to run down for auto move. This is really starting to get irritating.

Also apparently there’s a glitch or you can cheat. Was just playing a game where it was auto playing for my opponent. I had killed two of theirs and they had killed one of mine. Was waiting for the timer to run out so it would make their move, their third dino was about to be finished off. All of a sudden it popped up saying ‘opponent wins’. They had magically killed two more of my do now without making a single move.

Like what? How? I dont get it!


This is definitely a glitch and not hackers, because it happened to me in reverse :stuck_out_tongue:
I was fighting someone and I had only killed two of their dinosaurs, then on their turn their dinosaur was mid-attack animation when it randomly cut to a victory screen and said I had won. I had just used a dinosaur with counter attack and wounding so maybe it didn’t update those features when I switched dinosaurs and only LOOKED like I was using the attacks for the one I switched to? That may have something to do with it, but it’s a glitch because I am definitely not a hacker haha


The whole battle mode is a jome at the moment, it constantly lags out and then says you’ve lost. Ive lost about 300 medals in 3 days its impossible to win at the moment im 3200 getting matched against 3800+ and if it looks like im about to win the game will lag out and by the time ive restarted ive lost


I have had it happen more than once. I should be higher in the trophies, crap like this makes nearly impossible…And they are only resetting those at 3500 or above for the new tournament with what’s going on that’s a joke! It should be all until they get their crappy game fixed!


Happens to me a lot of times. I am winning and bham the screen just flashes that the opponent wins.


Are you just under 3500 medals aswell by any chance?


I was before the last 10 matches I lost 9 of them…I used to win 9 out of the 10 before the last update now it’s flipped…