Battle Bs


During battles I have been dealing with players who DO NOT play and just leave their phones one and let time run out and allow the game to choose an attack for them. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that if someone doesn’t want to play it still chooses an attack for them. 15 seconds is more than enough tome to pick an attack so why not make it so they just don’t attack. If the player is not going to be present why give them a chance to win when someone else is actually trying to play and rank up


Or they got disconnected? Or interrupted?
Or just got bad Internet.


I don’t think they do that intentionally. Besides, chances of winning are much more slim this way. I also think they or their connection get interrupted.

I had it myself the other day. Waited the full 2 minutes for my opponent. Timer ran out… I had a suspicion something was off and closed the game. When I opened it again, it seemed I was in battle and already lost 1 dino.


Some players want to lose to go back an arena.


I had this same issue!!! People who are CHEATING by not doing their move which forces you to close out and they win by way of forfeit! It’s bs!!



“Forces you to close out”? If they fail to input a move, it chooses one for them. Can you describe what happens that makes you close the program?


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I have had a number of battles where the game appeared to freeze up on my phone, so I would close the program and restart. I would then find the battle had ended without my even getting to choose my first dinosaur. Amazingly enough, I actually found one time when I got back in that I won the fight!?

This happens about 1/5 of the times I battle. I am usually at home with a strong wifi signal, so I think it is more likely a bug or overburdoned servers than a network connectivity issue. It happens enough to be quite annoying.


It’s not cheating. Your internet connection had a problem so it made your screen go idle but the match continued on.