Battle Bug or Hacks?


Just ran into a person in the battle arena that could use the 3 turn and 2 turn triceratops moves without any wait and they always stunned 100% of time. Did my iphone client just bug out or are there legit cheaters out there already?

I wish there was a way to grab the last person you foughts name so I could post it here.


If that’s not the first dinosaur he used, the delay would be over. I noticed that delay turns means how many turns battle must pass before it can be used. Regardless of whether said Dino is actively fighting or in reserves. So for e.g. If my steggo took 3 battle turns to die I can swap triceratops in and use his major stun move immediately.

I’d once got stunned 3 times in a row by a trike. Had also avoided being stunned by the 75% chance and 33% chance stun in a row. Its all luck I think.


I am having an issue where one of my dinosaurs is already killed or heavily damaged before the screen even opens to start the battle. I end up losing because I did not get to select the dinosaur I would like to begin with and the one that somehow was selected for me already is dead/almost dead.


That’s odd cos whenever I bring a new dino in the delays still apply. Eg bringing my stegaceratops in as my 2nd dino both stun attacks are on delay.

I have noticed some opponents being able to use abilities that I thought should be delayed. If it is behaving differently for different people that isn’t good :confounded: