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Battle bug utahsino?


I did a battle and i had utahsino against suchotator, I did instant charge and stunned him, after that I did critical impact. He was still alive, but I didn’t received a blow back. I did dist.rampage and Sucho was dead and I won the match. A stun can’t work for 2 turnes as far as I know, I don’t like to win like this. Has anyone else experienced this?


Did he do instant distraction on your critical impact? That’s probably what happened. The Instant Distraction was “his turn” that round so you got to go first again the next round.


I did’nt see the priority signal or anything, was really weird. :thinking:


It’s know bug, when you stun slower dino. You get 3 shots before opponent get second. That you can best exploit with Trago: Stun, SS and Rampage.


I’ve been on the losing end of this type of situation. Where 1 stun lasts 2 turns. (Yes, I’m taking into account who went first, etc.) It’s the type of thing that makes me quit playing the game for a while so that my phone stays intact.

The battle you describe sounds familiar as well. I hope they’re not messing with my suchotator. I’ll then probably be knocked down to the training grounds or something.


Did the sucho swap into your instant charge?


No, he did’nt. I decided to in.charge to try to delay leth. wound.


There are two types of stuns.

There is a lesser stun that if your faster, it only stops your opponent from attacking during the current round.

The greater stun is where it not only stops your opponent attack the current round, they are unable to choose and attack the next round.

If you have a faster dino, the stun may appear to last rounds where like if you are using Eineosuchus which is slow and gets hit first only appears to stun for one round using greater stun.


You mean faster? Tragodistis Ss won’t do anything on a slower Dino.


Thats not a bug, this is working as intended. Why wouldn’t it be? With this pattern, (when your opponent isn’t killed at last), your opponent gets 2 attacks in 3 rounds which is exactly what a stun should do. Probably much here just comes from not understanding the system.


At the second attack there was no stunned sign, that was the thing that was strange.