Battle bug?


I was battling an opponent and I took down two of their dinos. They hadn’t killed any of mine. They attacked my dino, and according to the numbers that popped up, my dino should have survived, but even if not, it would have been the first dino down, but it popped up that they had won. It listed 3 wins for them vs 1 for me, which is impossible because I killed 2 of theirs. Don’t know what happened, but wanted to let you guys know because that is irritating as heck.


Hey Ashadera, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you had in battle, I’m not sure what caused it, but it does sound very strange. Our support team would like to take a look at this and assist you. Could you please contact them here at and include your Support Key?


I had exactly the same. Was 2-1 up and should have gone 2-2 but recorded 3-1 loss. Then every time I clicked new battle the same loss screen kept coming up saying I’d lost 3-1. This happened a handful of times, relegating me down a level. I had to turn my phone fully off an restart JP to fix it. No idea of the cause. Very annoying as has just got to marshes


Same thing has happened to me three times today. I’ve lost 2 battles due to “instant loss” when I was winning the battle. On one of those my steg had hit a killing blow against their trex and as the trex died it flipped to the “opponent wins” screen.
Then I just logged in a minute ago and it loaded up a ‘Loss’ screen showing that I’d lost over 100pts since I was last online and had been bumped down an entire arena!